Everyone has a story.

My name is Jenny Lang.  Mother since 2008, a Certified Health Coach (NBC-HWC) and a business woman.  Most of my career was spent in Corporate America (20+ years) and now as an entrepreneur and coach.

What got me here:  In 2013 my life hit a brick wall.

If I back up a few years, starting in 2011, after my second son was born, things got scary.  He was constantly sick with pneumonia, flu, respiratory infections, and more.  We were in a doctor’s office or hospital every 4-5 weeks. (This included multiple ER visits.)

In 2013, when my son was almost 2 years old, my family and I were on our way to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion to his diagnosis… a Laryngeal Tracheal Cleft (Stage 1).  This was a birth defect that caused him to continuously aspirate when he drank (thus fluid went to his lungs).  With so many risks with surgery, we sought out a second opinion.  We were lucky to have the doctors say, “No surgery needed.  With time and a plan, his brain and body can adjust to swallow differently without requiring surgery. He will grow up big and strong.”  It would take a lot of home feeding adjustments (thickening his food), and just like they said, he eventually was able to eat without aspirating.

Like any mother, as I fixated on caring for my son, my own health (already poor) started to take a sharp decline.  I found myself with a plethora of health issues that only got worse with time:  low back pain, weight gain, migraines, skin issues, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, digestive issues, anxiety and more.  I was truly a hot mess!

Then one day, it took one MRI scan to be my wake-up call.

Doctors not only found that I had degenerative discs in my lower lumbar vertebrae, but also found a non-cancerous mass sitting along my spine.  That was just too close for comfort for me.  My 36-year-old body was screaming for help… and it was time to listen.

My biggest setback had become my best teacher.  My wake-up call put me on a whole new path in life.

Since graduating the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014, not only do I practice coaching, but my passion of wellness also inspired me to create an employee wellness group for the corporation I had been with since 2004.  I co-led with 5 other employee leaders a group of over 900 employee members.  This group was designed as a safe space of wellness social support in the workplace.  It covered all 6 of the National Wellness Institute’s dimensions of wellness.  We led the group, but we listened to what the employees wanted and needed.  We partnered with Human Resources and the Diversity and Inclusion team to create a community that supported HR’s wellness program, provided employee insights, and allowed for an open and diverse community that supported each other.

This allowed me to feed my passion to support others and realize my assumptions that an individual’s wellness can be greatly impacted by the social support they have, by bringing people together to learn, encourage and support one another in their wellness journey.  It can be simple, yet affective, for the employees and the company.

While doing this work, I have come to learn many people’s diverse health journeys, ways they learn, how community can encourage change and how wellness can truly be fun!  For realz!  This experience has broadened my knowledge of corporate wellness programs, HIPAA requirements, and so much more.  Most importantly, it’s given me so much pleasure in supporting others and making a difference in other’s lives… which is my ultimate life goal.

I discovered the tremendous impact a community can have on an individual’s overall wellness.  

This has all led me here.  I do “wear a lot of hats”, but use all that I have learned (and continue to learn) to keep my life as balanced as possible.  I’m a real mom, a businesswoman, and I use my experiences to learn new ways to support others… like you.