“Thank you” just isn’t enough.

Service work runs in the family.  I’m the sister of two firefighters, aunt to a police officer and 911 dispatcher, a sister-in-law to two nurses and friend of many teachers.

For any service person who signs up for any private health coaching program, they get 15% off a group coaching program!

This is my gift to you for giving so much of yourself and giving your life to protecting our families and educating (and protecting) our children everyday.

Those who qualify:  Police Officers, EMTs, firefighters, nurses, school administrative staff, active, in-active or veteran military and all teachers

(Not surprising, but it needs to be called out… proof of employment or service will be required. Thank you.)

Increase Access to Healthy Food

Growing up the youngest of seven and with my mom being the single provider, we had little of anything, including food.   Receiving food from the food shelf was essential, but having access to fresh, whole, unprocessed food rarely happened. My mom worked very hard to make our meals as healthy as possible and even started a garden in our small backyard.

With my history, and since becoming a coach, I have become a huge advocate to stop the food waste in our grocery stores.  When I heard of North Country Food Alliance, I immediately wanted to support them! They work with our local stores and co-ops to create a “food share” program that allows low-income families to have access to the fresh produce and baked goods that could soon go into the trash!

Each year, I will donate a portion of my coaching proceeds to support their wonderful cause so I can directly support families in receiving this program.  To find out more about NCFA, click here: www.northcountryfoodalliance.org