Are you like me and buy coconut oil in bulk?  Yep, I get mine from Costco.  I literally put that stuff on everything!

I don’t buy just any coconut oil.  I want the good stuff… unrefined and organic.  If I’m using it on or in my body, it better not have anything in it or be overly processed.

For realz… it’s a main staple at my house.  I use it on my food (cold or hot) and on my body.  Why do I?  Mostly because of it’s a healthy fat containing Medium Chain Fatty-Acids (MCFAs).  Thus, it’s a good fuel source for our bodies.  Plus, it’s easier to digest, antimicrobial and antifungal, great for brain health and much more.  It has so many benefits and ways to use it.  Plus, I like that it doesn’t take much effort either.  The best part…?  With all the ways to use it, it’s so much cheaper than buying a bunch of lotions, hair product, multiple cooking oils, OTC medications and such.  I don’t know about you, but I like saving money.

Here are my favorite ways of using it:

1.Cooking.  I use it as a replacement to butter in most recipes, as both I and my son do not do so well with digesting dairy.  I also use it in pan frying as it has a better tolerance for heat than olive oil.  Whenever a recipe calls for butter (even in baking), I swap it for coconut oil.  I have found that you have to be mindful that it has a different consistency and tends to become solidified easier than butter.  I usually use a little less than what the recipe calls for and I melt it before adding it to a baking recipe. I even make a cinnamon, honey and coconut oil whipped spread for the occasions when I make my gluten free, dairy free pumpkin bread.  Yum!

2. Skin care and hair. When my son had severe eczema in 2017 that covered a majority of his body, coconut oil was our go-to for soothing his skin and keeping it moisturized.  I would mix it with some other oils, like avocado oil, vitamin E and some essential oils (EOs) to help boost the impact in healing his skin.  When the weather is dry (which it is in MN winters), I use it as a moisturizer with Vitamin E and some Lavender EO. I put it on right after a shower to help lock in the moisture.  I love knowing exactly what is in it as I put it on my skin.  No chemicals or additives!  Also, when my hair seems dry, I put it in my hair  (lots of it) and let it sit in there overnight (with towel on my pillow) or for an hour before showing.  My hair seems so much more smooth and silky.

3. Acid Reflux Reducer.  I used to suffer from really bad acid reflux years ago.  It’s a VERY rare thing to have symptoms of reflux now-a-days, yet if I do, then I just take a small spoonful of coconut oil and eat it.  Sounds gross hah?  Well, when you have reflux, it’s worth the strange texture.  Plus, once you get used to it, it’s not a big deal. I wait about 15 minutes and stay sitting up, then it seems to calm down.

4. An appetite regulator.  As you may know, it’s pretty clear that we don’t need to fear fat anymore… at least the GOOD fat, that is. Consuming healthy fats like CO is good at regulating blood sugar when consumed.  When blood sugars are kept even, then the body is able to process foods better, reduce fat storage and keep hormones in balance too. Plus, having healthy fats in the diet help curb cravings and the hunger signals.

5.  Brain Booster.  It’s known that our brains thrive best on the consumption of healthy fats.  With jobs that require lots of brain power, I do best when I consume more fats to aid me in thinking clearly, quickly and feeling energized.  My favorite ways to incorporate it is by using it on my gluten free toast on the occasions I eat it.  I load it up!  I also add it to my morning coffee or hot tea drink.  I like to blend it in the blender to give it a frothy “latte” consistency that doesn’t separate from the liquid. It’s delicious!  No need to spend money on a fancy drink.  Add cinnamon and a little raw honey to make it a “Cinnamon Dulche Latte”.  Yum!

As you can see, I try to use CO in many ways.  I like the simplicity of it all, saving money in the end and improving my health while using it.

What other ways do you use it?  Comment below.

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  • Hi, do you have a favorite brand and how do you store it?

    • I use the Costco brand (Kirkland) Organic coconut oil the most. It’s the most cost effective with quality. I store it in the pantry.

  • When adding to your coffee, how much do you add? About a small spoonful 9what i would consider a silverware teaspoon?

    • It depends how much coffee you are drinking. For a standard 12oz, I’d do 1/2 to 1 full spoonful, but you may have to play around with it and see what you like.


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