So, I know I may not be a “normal” or standard health coach.  I’m ok with that.  Over the last 10 years, I have learned a different path to help make my clients successful on their journeys.

I see things BEYOND just what you put in your mouth and what you do with your body.

I also see how interconnected ALL things are in your life. 

It’s crazy to see how much I have learned, how much I have unexpectedly uncovered and how much my practice has shifted and grown!  And that is thanks to my clients!

So, I have to ask you… you do realize that you are more than just your body, right?

You realize that things that have impacted your life, right now OR in the past, have an impact on your success to create change, right?

We hold onto beliefs, judgements and influences like we are supposed to own them.

Yet… we don’t have to, AND we shouldn’t!

Then there are beliefs that making health changes need to be:

  1. Difficult
  2. Restrictive and lonely
  3. Unenjoyable

Does it need to feel this way?
Where do these default beliefs come from?
Why do we have to play along with them?

Do you know what a “belief” is?  It’s just a thought you keep thinking about over and over and placed it as your own fact.

That’s really it.
You have placed value on a thought (usually someone else’s) to make it part of your life.

Do you want it to continue to be a part of your life story?

When you REALLY stop and answer these questions, you will soon come to realize it was all the OUTSIDE influences the created your beliefs, especially the ones that hold you back and keep you in your comfort zone.

Those influences most often are:

  1. Your parents (and their own beliefs and past traumas)
  2. Other adult influences (i.e. teachers, bosses, etc.)
  3. Social media
  4. Friends, etc..

Think about it…

But, guess what? 

THESE DON’T NEED TO BE YOUR BELIEFS, especially if they are no longer serving you or are keeping you feeling STUCK!

As a coach I want to help clients create new, uplifting, empowering and supportive “beliefs” for themselves.

To shut out the “gremlin” of disempowering beliefs that have been created.

And where do I start by doing this?… with my coaching principals.

My top 3 coaching principals are:

  1. Have FUN!
  2. Feel SAFE!
  3. Create CONNECTION!

I have been watching my clients HESITANTLY go into coaching and with their head slumped, their first question is, “Ok, what do I need to STOP doing?”

My answer… “NOTHING!”

I usually get a blank and shocked stare.

I want to remove the mindset that the desired changes need to be depriving and have zero enjoyment associated to them.

If you don’t enjoy the process, how are you supposed to find the desire to make the changes, especially long-term?

You won’t… or it will take a lot longer to move through the process!

Life is short.  Your health is your most precious asset.  The process to health should be fun and enjoyable!

As for feeling safe, this is one I want all my clients to feel, especially since health and well-being is the most personal subject to discuss with another person.

And like I said, you are MORE THAN YOUR BODY, so it’s not uncommon for the discussion to move towards work, social support, family, environment, money, spirituality, and more!

In my world, health coaching can touch many areas of your life.  There are so many parts of living that impact your health!

If it was just diet and exercise, then everyone would be able to make the changes with ease.

Yet, that’s NOT the case!

Your life is more complex than that.  Like I said before, you have been influenced in so many ways.  You have unique life experiences that have shaped who you are today.  Some of them may still be “hanging on” and keeping you stuck in a space of limitation, scarcity or fear that keep you from moving forward.

Being able to SAFELY have conversations like this, with me OR in a group setting, is something I make sure is welcomed, valued and treated with respect and empathy.

I know that once you find your path THROUGH these influences, first by finding out WHERE they came from, you will be able to work through moving past them.

And, lastly, CONNECTION.  This is one that I really uncovered in my 7 years with Best Buy leading the employee wellness group.  Yet, it’s also a natural strength of mine.  Not only do I SEE the connections, but also enjoy being a conduit for connection.  (Fun fact: “Connectedness” is #5 in my StrengthFinder 😉)

I joking tell people that community and connection is like lighter fluid on progress!

It’s so true too… and why I create group coaching programs, like Clarity Catalyst and Group Health Coaching.

When you have allies supporting you, cheering you on and pushing you forward, there is nothing better!

You feel like there is truly strength in numbers… and there is!

My goal is to have everyone feel the power of the community. I want them to be seen, heard and valued as individuals, but also get the uplifting affects of the group.

I want to provide the best I can offer and use the energy of others to amplify it!

I have never been the woman to follow the crowd.
I usually go down the path less traveled.
I don’t mind standing out from the crowd.
Being different is what could be what others are looking for too.

If you are still reading this, do one thing.  Find a way to find 30 minutes this week to take a journal, sit in quiet and reflect on where you want to go.
Do that for yourself.
It is a self-care act.

If you need support, you know where to find me.

Your life is precious.  Protect it like it means something… because it does!
You mean something to me.

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