Private Coaching

Private coaching is just that, personalized individual sessions with me as your coach.  Most often these sessions are conducted virtually via phone or video conferencing.  If in person coaching is desired, please contact me to discuss.  Please keep in mine, the time dedicated to coaching is is for you and customized to your specific wellness needs, desires and goals.   To learn more, click the button below.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is for the individual that desires wellness support from a coach while also receiving  support from individuals with similar interests and needs.  This allows for social support and to learn from others’ experiences.  Group coaching sessions will vary based on program offered and in group sizes that allow for learning, sharing and meaningful support.  Please note, if you already have a group of individuals and you want to create your own personal group, please contact me to discuss.  Click the button below to learn more.

Employee Wellness

Are you looking to bring wellness education opportunities to your employees?  Are looking to enhance your employee wellness program so that it fosters a strong community feel while encouraging positive change?  With over 7 years of building an employee wellness group in a large corporation, I have learned many ways to drive engagement, create results and enhance the usage of your wellness program.  This offer can include customized group seminars, speaking events, or employee wellness consulting.