What does Health Coaching look like?

Think of it this way…

Imagine that you and I are in a car going on a road trip.  You’re in the driver’s seat. I’m sitting in the passenger seat with a map in hand.

You know where you want to go (your goal), and I see it on the map.

Based on your preferences, we have multiple route options to get you to your destination, with an “arrival time” that works best for you.

In coaching, you, as the client, have a desired goal in mind.  You are always in control and make the choices that are best for you.  If agreed upon by you, I, as your coach, can provide suggestions or recommendations to help clear any confusion and provide additional clarity.  It’s your choice as to how you’d like to proceed every step (or mile) along the way.

Only YOU know what is best for YOUR body and lifestyle.

Each client is different, and I, as the coach, adapt to your individual needs and experiences.  I see you as the wonderful individual that you are!  In partnership with you, I will help support by keeping you in the lane (on track to your goal), helping you to stay focused and reduce the confusion for every turn you want to take.

The other cool part…

… as your coach I will look for ways to make the trip more enjoyable, adventurous (new recipes and foods, for example) and less overwhelming.  I will be helping you cut through the noise and enjoy the scenery!  (It’s hard to drive with a dirty windshield, right? I will bring a bottle of washer fluid for you.)

You don’t have to take this trip alone.

Keep in mind, health coaching can touch on all aspects of wellness:  Physical, Spiritual, Occupational, Emotional, Intellectual, and Social health.  Most often, when you positively impact one dimension of wellness, it impacts another. It’s amazing to see and experience!

(Just to be clear, a health coach does not diagnose, treat or prescribe.  That is your doctor’s role.  Yet, if you choose, I’m always happy to work directly with your healthcare practitioner by providing updates on your progress.  It’s recommended that, at a minimum, you inform your primary doctor that you are working with a health coach, especially if you have complex medical conditions.)

If you’d like to learn more and meet me, just click below to schedule a FREE 30-minute initial consultation. 

There’s no obligation.  Let’s just get to know each other and go from there.

Bonus Add-ons:  Grocery Store Tours and Cooking Lessons

Not sure if you want to commit to a full program?  Just feel like you need some “fine tuning”?  Many clients want to try one of these “a la carte” coaching options, while others want it added to their Personalized Coaching Program. Many individuals do best with personal guidance in finding their new favorite foods and becoming comfortable in a new store environment like a Co-op or health food store. My goal is to leave you with shopping confidence and cooking skills that will make this experience fun so you will want to cook at home more.  You will leave feeling stronger in making the right choices in food, meal planning and finding deals on healthy foods.

I have spent years in my own kitchen learning from shear perseverance, research and practice (plus, I think my grandma Elsie’s spirit guides me too). I cook nearly every day for my family and know of the challenges with picky eaters, cooking on weeknights, and more. I want to provide you with all the tricks to remove those struggles for you.

Please know, the grocery store tours are best in small groups or with an individual. I want you to get the most out of this time. These can last 1-1.5 hours from start to finish. When coupled with the cooking lesson, expect 3 hours total. We will recipe plan prior to meeting, shop for the ingredients (and more), then head to your home to cook side-by-side.