What is Health Coaching?

Have you ever gone to the doctor’s office to only leave with a list of things he or she suggests you do at home (i.e. exercise more, reduce sugar or salt intake, get more sleep, etc)?  You leave with the motivation to make those changes, but soon realize that there are so many changes and you don’t know where to start.

This is where I come in.  Being a health coach is something like this…

Imagine me standing outside the doctor’s room waiting for you.  I take that list from you and walk out with you.  I become your day-to-day guidance and support on how to tackle that list one… step… at… a… time, in the way that works best for you.  Yes, it will be up to you on how we make the changes, but I will be by your side every step of the way.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Personalized Health Coaching

Do you ever feel most motivated and successful when you make changes in life with someone else by your side?  Then personal one-on-one coaching may be for you.

You will start out with a FREE health history session discussing what you are looking for, and ensure we will work well together.  My programs are set up in 3 or 6 month lengths with a bi-weekly coaching session, either by phone, video, or in person. By the end of each call we will work together to determine action items to work on until the next call. Each session’s action items will build upon one another to allow you to reach your goal.  Keep in mind, you have full access to me between sessions for support along the way.

Plus, with my personalized coaching, I will provide you a resource that recaps each session along with supporting documents your goals and resources that will support you for years to come.

Lastly, your goal includes how you feel along the way too.  My sessions are interactive, exploratory, easy-going and fun. Lifestyle changes don’t need to feel limiting or restrictive. If you are devoted to your own improvement, you will feel so much more empowered and in control of your health.

Grocery Store Tours and Cooking Lessons

Not sure if you want to commit to a full program?  Just feel like you need some “fine tuning”?  Many clients want to try one of these “a la carte” coaching options, while others want it added to their Personalized Coaching Program. Many individuals do best with personal guidance in finding their new favorite foods and becoming comfortable in a new store environment like a Co-op or health food store. My goal is to leave you with shopping confidence and cooking skills that will make this experience fun so you will want to cook at home more.  You will leave feeling stronger in making the right choices in food, meal planning and finding deals on healthy foods.

I have spent years in my own kitchen learning from shear perseverance, research and practice (plus, I think my grandma Elsie’s spirit guides me too). I cook nearly every day for my family and know of the challenges with picky eaters, cooking on weeknights, and more. I want to provide you with all the tricks to remove those struggles for you.

Please know, the grocery store tours are best in small groups or with an individual. I want you to get the most out of this time. These can last 1-1.5 hours from start to finish. When coupled with the cooking lesson, expect 3 hours total. We will recipe plan prior to meeting, shop for the ingredients (and more), then head to your home to cook side-by-side.