Don’t compare yourself to other moms.  We’re all losing our sh!t.  Some are just better at hiding it than others.

  Do you ever hear yourself saying… 

  • “I should really take better care of myself.”


  • “I feel so guilty for taking a break to spend time with friends.”


  • “There just isn’t enough time. How do I fit in more self care?”

Mom, you just found your practical wellness community, led by a NBC-HWC.  A place where you are safe to share your struggles without judgement.  A group where you can just be you and devote some time to your well-being

B.A.D.  Moms  (Beautiful. Authentic. Determined.)

Have you ever felt…

  • Guilty for leaving a child with a sitter or husband just to go to dinner with friends?
  • Exhausted by all the time commitments (i.e. birthday parties, family gatherings, etc), but feel bad for saying “no”?
  • Like you have to keep up with constant demands on your time and energy?
  • That the continuous To Do list causes you to miss workouts, lunch dates with friends, sleep or self care?
  • That you look at yourself in the mirror and criticize or judge your own appearance?
  • That your kids are draining you of all your energy? It’s ok to admit this.
  • That you want to find yourself again?  The person you truly are besides mom.
  • Yourself say, “There’s got to be a better way to have more balance in my life.”?
  • You were ready to make positive changes, even just small ones?

You are not alone.

How did B.A.D. Moms Come to Be?

Ever see the movie, Bad Moms?  Well, in one of my whirlwind, “exhausted mother” days, I watched it too.  

Although some of it may be considered extreme to some, something about it “clicked” with me and was so relatable and made me feel normal about all the feelings I was having with my motherhood struggles.

I was desiring:
…less stress and more self care.

…less guilt and more quality time for myself.

… to feel like a calm and happy mother and have less “crazy mom” moments. 

I thought, “I know there are other moms out there feeling this way.  I can’t be the only one.” 

I knew that there were others that were struggling with the constant juggle, trying to keep it together, and to find some genuine peace and balance in all aspects of their life.  I wanted to use my coaching knowledge and support my fellow mamas who needed a community where they could find their safe space… and just be their authentic self.  This would be a space where they could vent, ask for support, learn from others and feel encouraged to make positive health changes as well.

This is a dynamic wellness group that fosters positive support for moms who are ready to shift and live their life with more courage and determination.

Bad Moms Club Values

Encourage Inclusion and Community. 
We are accepting, kind and respectful to all in the Bad Moms family.
Leave all judgements at the door.
We create a safe space for all, with no judgements or criticism.
Be open to guidance.
We learn from each other. Be willing to receive guidance while supporting others.
Express the joy of motherhood and life.
Let’s enjoy some laughter, humility and fun. We are in this together.

Did you find what you are looking for?  Here’s what you can expect…

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