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In 2014 when I became a Health Coach, I saw an opportunity within the company I worked for.  I then created an employee wellness group (an unpaid position) to bring employees together who had a passion for wellness or were looking for more support in their own wellness journey.

This group became one of the largest groups of it’s kind (a Focused Inclusion Network) within the company.  Since inception and over the 7+ years leading this group, I was able to built a strategy across all 6 dimensions of wellness (National Wellness Institute) with a business model ensuring that our “customer”, the employee, had a voice in what they needed or desired from the group but also the company.

I used creative ways to engage with the members of this group through a variety of events, wellness challenges, education, personal engagement and more.  I also has a close partnership with a variety of vendor partners, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion and more.  This group has even been recognized by the highest levels of leadership through their engagement and support.

My strategy, experience, and willingness to challenge standard corporate wellness initiatives has created a group of nearly 1000 employees who have found their wellness community to create lasting change.  This has enabled the company to now have an additional community-based foundation for wellness that is powered by the people.  This brings engagement to a new level but also encourages the healthcare program offerings the company provides, on a personal employee-to-employee level.

I have over 20 years of career experience, most of which is in the fast-paced large corporate environment.  I’ve experienced what many employees face in their over-scheduled and demanding lives.  If you’re ready to try something different, using tools that I have found effective, I may be able to help.  Please contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss.

Jenny Lang

Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  Wellness Advocate and Employee Wellness Leader   

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