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In 2014 I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a certified Health Coach.  At that time, I had been working for over 10 years for a company and was a Sr. Manager in Supply Chain.  In that role, I was able to work with many other teams across the company.  And because of my health changes, many other employees began to notice my health changes and always asked me questions.  They could see the changes I had gone through.  As fate would have it, there were events that eventually led me to an opportunity to create an employee wellness group within the company.  I wanted this group to support individuals at all levels of the company, as well as include people who were at different stages in their personal wellness journey.  All were welcome!

This was an unpaid volunteer-based role that allowed me to bring my passion and education to my workplace.  It also allowed me to bring on other leaders who shared my wellness passion to lead the group.

Over the 7 years that I led the group, it grew to become one of the largest (known as a “Focused Inclusion Network” (F.I.N.)) with over 1000 members by 2021.  I was able to also use my business and leadership knowledge to built a business strategy and group design. This included performance metrics, but was  structurally designed upon all 6 dimensions of wellness (from the National Wellness Institute), so it could impact all areas of personal well-being.

The group created ways to engage with the employees through a variety of events, wellness challenges, education, personal engagement and more.  One of my goals was to bring more fun into the workplace that allowed employees to find ways to connect and feel motivated to make changes, even while at work.  I was also able to build close partnerships with a variety of vendor partners, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, other F.I.N. groups and more.  This work led this group to be recognized by the highest company leaders, all who were engagement and supportive of the the events we provided to the employees.

My strategy, experience, and willingness to challenge standard corporate wellness initiatives has created a group of employees who have found their wellness community… at work!  This drives employee engagement and comradery, all while building more connections across every level of the company.  My philosophy was that we are all humans first.  Ignore work titles.  We all have a personal connection when it comes to health and well-being.  This has enabled the company to now have an additional community-based foundation for wellness, which is powered by the people.  In turn, it also encourages employees to learn about all the well-being program offerings the company provides.  A win-win for all!

As for me… I have over 20 years of career experience, most of which is in the fast-paced large corporate environment.  (You can find me on LinkedIn to learn more.) I’ve experienced what many employees face in their over-scheduled and demanding lives.  I know what “burn out” feels like, and no leader wants their employees to feel this way.  It only leads to high turnover, low productivity and low satisfaction for the company.

If you’re a company leader who is ready to try something different and interested in new ways to drive employee engagement and build a stronger wellness strategy, I’d love to speak with you.  Just like each individual I coach, each company has different dynamics and needs so just like private clients, each company will be treated differently based on needs, budget and working environment.

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