Don’t compare yourself to others.  We’re all losing our sh!t.  Some are just better at hiding it than others.

Group coaching is for those who receive value from learning, and being inspired and encouraged by others on a similar well-being path.  I prefer to keep groups to no more than 8 individuals.  This way, there is plenty of space for each person to gain insight, share their individual journeys and feel encouraged, while also feeling connected to others.  It’s a large enough group to learn from each other, while never feeling “lost in the crowd”.

Each participant will have many opportunities to share their stories, what they are striving towards, their progress and most-importantly, their achievements!

The sessions will be tailored to the needs and focus of the group.  The sessions will have structure designed by the coach, yet flexibility based on the needs and desires of the group that naturally occurs during each session.

My goal is that everyone leaves feeling encouraged, motivated, valued and ready to make a step in the direction of their individual goal!


Group Values

Leave all judgements at the door.

We create a safe space for all, with no judgements or criticism.

Encourage Inclusion and Community. 

We are accepting, kind and respectful to all in our community.

Be open to guidance.

We learn from each other. Be willing to receive guidance while supporting others.

Express the joy of  life.

Let’s enjoy some laughter, humility and fun. We are in this together.

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