Don’t compare yourself to others.  We’re all losing our sh!t.  Some are just better at hiding it than others.

Group coaching is for those who receive value from learning, but is also motivated to make changes when doing it with others.  Community and social support is important to lasting habits!

I prefer to keep groups to a size that drives real connection.  This way, there is plenty of space for each person to gain individual attention, share their individual insight while feeling encouraged.  It’s a large enough group to learn from each other, while never feeling “lost in the crowd”.

Each participant will have many opportunities to share their stories, what they are striving towards, their progress and most-importantly, their achievements!

The sessions will have structure designed by the coach, yet flexibility to allow the session naturally unfold with deeper discussions.  Between the coach support and the individuals desires, each person will commit to 1-3 action items between sessions. The “health work” will provide a way for individuals to share their outcomes with a chosen accountability buddy, but also in the Practice Better group chat.

My goal is that everyone leaves feeling encouraged, motivated, valued and ready to make a step in the direction of their individual goal!

Group Values

Leave all judgements at the door.

We create a safe space for all, with no judgements or criticism.

Be Welcoming and Encourage Community. 

We are accepting, kind and respectful to all in our community.

Be open to guidance.

We learn from each other. Be willing to receive guidance while supporting others.

Express the joy for life.

Let’s enjoy some laughter, humility and fun. We are in this together!

Program Structure

3 month Private Coaching Program

  • The group is led by Coach Jenny

  • A 3-month program with 12 WEEKLY sessions

  • Each session is 1 hour in length

6 month Private Coaching Program

  • The group is led by Coach Jenny

  • A 6-month program with 12 BI-WEEKLY sessions

  • Each session is 1 hour in length

Session Structure

What to expect from the program:

  • Individual group sessions via Zoom

  • Each member will be asked to fill out a Member Assessment to help enhance program outcomes

  • Educational resources and session recaps provided

  • Session recordings (with restricted access to only those in your group)

  • “Wellness Work” action engagement by members

  • 24/7 Group communication via Practice Better Chat, including coach engagement

  • 1-on-1 “Accountability Buddy” opportunity throughout program

The session structure is:

    • Review actions and share

    • Educational topic (see below)

    • Coach questions to group to open discussion

    • Group share and questions from members (clarity to action)

    • Action step sharing, accountability and support requests

Note: Each session will flow as needed, but Jenny will keep structure so that each members get as much out of the sessions as possible.  Each session will review prior session actions for a deep conversation between client and coach.  Questions will be asked to drive clarity and further actions.  Support documents will be provided by the coach based on subject or focus.

Session Topics:

1. Capitalizing on the intersections of wellness and creating habits with ease

2. Emotional eating and mindfully eating

3. Sleep/Rest/Mindfulness

4. Hydration: Tools and importance

5. Movement: Creating your version of movement

6. Food Alternatives: Learning strategies to create your own food plan

7. Inflammation: Potential sources and strategies

8. Stress-less cooking and meal planning

9. Fasting: A tool to resetting your body

*Note: The above topics may adjust slightly based on group needs, desired sequence and number of sessions in program.

If you are ready to make lasting change, this is the community to support you in creating and achieving your goals.

  • Do you feel motivated and inspired when working within a group who have a common goal?

  • Is community support a driving force for you to make lasting changes, but also helps you gain insight, knowledge and inspiration?

  • Do you enjoy group fitness classes, employee wellness groups or social media groups on topics you value?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then group coaching may be the program to help you finally make lasting changes in an environment with strong leadership, and even stronger community support.

We’d love to have you join us and be a part of the Libra community!

Still not sure?  Are you not sure if you are ready for group health coaching?

Maybe start with the Clarity Catalyst 8-week program.


2024 Winter Programs

3 month WEEKLY Program

6 month BI-WEEKLY Program

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